Garden Herb Kit

Garden Herb Kit

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Purchasing a Garden Herb Kit will give you everything you need to grow your own herbs in your home.  The kit comes with a drip tray, three seedling trays, our special seelding starter mix, a small watering bottle, 3 plant labels, 3 four-inch pots for transplanting herbs, 3 packs of 30 plus count herbs seeds (we have 12  options to choose from), and detailed instructions.


Herb Seed Options:


Genovese Basil

Italian Parsely

Pineapple Mint

Thai Basil

Savory Summer

Dark Opal (Purple) Basil

Japanese Parsely

Lemon Basil



Lemon Thyme


All you have to do is keep the herb kit on a window sill or right next to a window, keep the soil moist, and watch your herbs grow.  We can also ship an herb kit to you, so purchase one today!